My Style: Hind Adib

Iraqi-Canadian fashion designer Hind Adib moved to Dubai more than 20 years ago. She pursued her dream to learn more about the industry and joined Esmod University, a fashion school in the UAE, then working with West L.A. Boutique, a fashion retailer in Dubai. Two years later, she took a leap of faith and launched her own brand, Hind Adib. 

“To me, fashion is not just a piece of clothing,” she explains.

“It’s the whole experience; the visuals, the sound, the colours and the way it feels on you.” The Hind Adib label consists of jackets, statement tees, necklaces, earrings and pouches. Her vintage denim jackets were such a big hit that even American rapper G-Eazy was spotted wearing one at RedFestDBX earlier this year.

Explain what fashion means to you? 

Fashion means living your life by your own rules. It also means breaking the boundaries of what’s meant to be “fashionable’’ and colouring outside the lines of what’s meant to be “perfect”.

When did you first have an interest in fashion?

Ever since I was four years old, I’d always ask my parents and grandma to buy me fluffy dresses. My favourite outfit was a red glittered tutu dress with gold-embroidered black pointy shoes, red stockings and a black headband that matched my shoes.

“Fashion is the whole experience.. The way it feels on you.”

Is fashion always about how expensive an item is?

Of course not, a number never increases or decreases the beauty of anything.

My staple item is…

Definitely a black leather jacket.

My fashion guilty pleasure is…

Full-on sequins and glittery dresses. They make me feel happy and sparkly on the inside.

My best bargain is…

A beautiful ’50s vintage camera from Paris.

My splurge item is…

A Diesel leather jacket. It’s not every day you find the perfect fitted leather jacket.

Describe your personal style in one word.

It would have to be... Grungy.

What’s your favourite label from your country of origin?

Reem Alasadi, an Iraqi designer who creates beautiful, unique clothing out of vintage fabrics.

What about locally?

Nuna Atelier because I love how they mix eastern and western fashion to make super-cool creations.

Who is your favourite designer?

I love Betsey Johnson. Her character is so inspiring and carefree. She was the main reason I decided to go after what I love, which is to create clothes that make people feel happy.

I would never leave home without…

Cherry Labello. It’s the best.

Who’s a person who inspires you in terms of fashion?

My mum. She has the coolest collection of vintage clothing that she’s had for so many years and she styles them in very creative ways. My dad also has a very good eye for colours and patterns.

Who’s the most fashionable person to ever live?

Well, if fashionable means fun and experimental, then I’d definitely say Katy Perry. I love her themed dresses and her fun attitude about fashion. She’s incredibly creative and her dresses complement her stage performances beautifully.

Who’s your favourite person in the fashion industry (past or present?)

Betsey Johnson, again. She is so carefree and she does whatever she loves. People smile just walking into her store, which is something I dream of achieving one day.

The last thing I Googled was…

Banana peel benefits.

What’s something about fashion that you want people to know?

Everyone creates their own fashion every day; whatever it may be. Fashion is not about following trends, it’s about being yourself and running your own show.

My fashion / beauty essentials include…

Mismatched earrings and blush.

My favourite place to travel for fashion inspiration is…

Travelling recharges my brain with inspiration. No matter where I go, I get inspired seeing things like people, art and music. I love going to the Dead Sea in Jordan, as it is the source of one of my accessory lines, NKRNT, that is made from the stones which are found there on the world’s lowest shores.

The greatest fashion advice I’ve ever received is…

Don’t take things too seriously and just have fun. And I believe this relates to everything else in life too.

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